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At SNE Connections, we are committed to empowering large organizations with robust and tailored security solutions. Specializing in security risk assessments, innovative design, and meticulous implementation of electronic security systems, we excel in creating and evaluating security protocols to safeguard your assets, people, and reputation.


Expertise meets security excellence.

With a wealth of experience, our team bring a real-world understanding of various security domains. Holding all appropriate licensing, Cert IV’s in Security and Risk Management and recognized by state police forces as licensed security consultants – Grade 2ABC.

We navigate the complexities of Australian laws, codes of practice, and sector-specific guidelines. Our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions ensures your projects are strategically planned, designed, and overseen with precision. Trust SNE Connections for proactive decision-making, preventing costly mistakes and ensuring scalable, future-proof security solutions. Your security, our priority.

Security Risk Assessments

Build a comprehensive understanding of your security landscape with our meticulous risk assessments. Conducted by our in-house analysts in strict adherence to the Australian Standard for Risk Management (AS/NZS ISO 31000:2018) and the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF).

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We delve deep into your organization’s vulnerabilities and potential threats. Our assessments transcend traditional definitions, addressing predictive tasks associated with security professionals, police, military personnel, psychologists, and counsellors. Specializing in Operational Risk within the broader spectrum, we recognize its significance in safeguarding facilities and organizations from diverse threats, whether natural, accidental, or intentional.

All-encompassing threat assessment approaches guide your organization in protection planning, whether against insider threats, terrorist attacks, or natural disasters. We emphasize the vital role of physical security, often overlooked in favour of IT solutions, as the first line of defence. Our consultancy excels in delivering holistic security assessments, collaborating with planners, policy makers, security personnel, and stakeholders to comprehend the entire risk landscape.

By evaluating tangible and intangible aspects in alignment with Australian standards and codes of practice, we ensure effective and strategic risk management. Our assessments culminate in clear reports, empowering positive change and fostering a healthier, safer work environment.

Auditing & Protocol Creation

Place your trust in our consultants to craft, assess, and refine security protocols tailored precisely to your organizational needs. Recognizing the critical role of security protocols as the backbone of defence strategy, we specialize in their creation and evaluation for large organizations, ensuring alignment with evolving industry practices and stringent regulatory standards.

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Our goal is to fortify your organization’s resilience and response capabilities in the face of ever-changing risks and threats. From small start-ups to global enterprises, we understand that security is paramount for successful businesses. To keep protective security measures current and resilient against foreseeable disasters, deliberate or natural, we emphasize the need for up-to-date security policies, procedures, and technology – the first line of defence against intruders, thieves, and potential harm. To ensure your security systems and procedures meet industry standards, we recommend a comprehensive physical security audit, conducted by qualified and licensed Security Consultants. This audit, encompassing both individual and macro levels, assesses every aspect of your security systems and parameters. Whether it’s evaluating the functionality of existing security measures or ensuring adherence to mandatory requirements and codes of practice, the audit provides vital insights for making informed decisions to protect your people and facilities. Additionally, our “Security Specification” audits assess whether existing equipment aligns with the original specifications and complies with relevant Australian standards, codes of practice, and manufacturer recommendations. Upon completing the audit, we present findings and recommendations in a detailed report, offering you peace of mind in knowing your business, premises, or residence is compliant, safe, and prepared to address any identified vulnerabilities. Engage SNE Connections for implementation and support based on our recommendations, ensuring a secure work environment.

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SNE Connections is your strategic partner in fortifying the security of your organization. Whether you’re assessing risks, designing electronic security systems, or refining security protocols, we have the expertise to guide you.

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Innovative Design Solutions

Tailoring security to fit your unique needs, we go beyond the one-size-fits-all approach. Our in-house expert consultants specialize in crafting personalized electronic security solutions, ranging from access control and surveillance to intrusion detection systems, utilizing cutting-edge technology for a robust and seamless security infrastructure.

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Our primary goal is to maximize asset protection while ensuring optimal resource utilization. Setting us apart from manufacturer-centric advice, we provide strategic and technical guidance without affiliations or profit motives tied to specific products or vendors. Our comprehensive services include designing and preparing detailed Access Control and CCTV plans, tender evaluation, and project management. With associates boasting extensive real-world experience, we excel in the design, implementation, and commissioning of large-scale physical security solutions, ensuring seamless integration with third-party applications. From biometrics to secure private networks, our solutions cover it all, embracing physical security barriers, IP video, surveillance, and more. Trust us for tailored, end-to-end security solutions that prioritize your unique requirements.


How It Works

Getting security right involves a step by step process.

1.  Security Risk Assessment – there are many factors to consider including type industry, types of threats, risk value etc

2. Security Audit – lets find the security gaps. We look at your current security systems and assess them versus the risk assessment.

3.  Security Solutions – Technology has advanced the type of security threats available but it also seen the development of new security solutions.  It is important to keep up to date in this everchanging world.