A New Era of Security

SNE Connections Is a reputable Australian-owned and operated commercial security systems integrator, committed to fortifying the safety of your business and assets. Renowned for our dedication, we take pride in delivering unparalleled security solutions that exceed industry standards.

Our team of experts hold licensing & specialize in CCTV Infrastructure, Access Control Systems, Video Intercom Systems and hold licensing in commercial security consultancy.

With a commitment to excellence, we bring a comprehensive and detailed approach for solutions tailored to meet the unique security needs of the business. Trust us to safeguard your assets – your security, your success.


Advanced Access Control Systems

Take control of your security with our state-of-the-art Access Control Systems. From key card access to biometric solutions, we offer customizable options that empower you to manage and monitor access points efficiently.

Server and comms room maintenance

We specialize in proactive upkeep, optimizing performance, and ensuring seamless communication for uninterrupted operations

Expertise in CCTV Infrastructure.

Our team brings extensive experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining CCTV systems tailored to the unique requirements of your business. Enjoy enhanced surveillance capabilities that provide a watchful eye on your premises.

HD video intercom

Transform your security with our cutting-edge intercom systems. Enhance access control, and fortify your premises with our tailored solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

Licensed Commercial Security Consultancy

Trust in our licensed professionals for expert guidance. We offer comprehensive security consultancy services, ensuring your security strategy aligns with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Security Maintenance

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Total Security

Security For Commercial Premises and Environments

At SNE Connections, we understand the importance of robust electronic security systems in safeguarding your premises and commercial spaces. Specializing in a wide range of solutions, from access controls , intercoms and alarms to CCTV , we offer tailored security solutions that prioritize your safety and peace of mind.


Proactively Deter Security Threats

Our design and implementation experience in the area of CCTV  and Video recording systems makes us a sought after security technology provider.